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Importance of Customer Service

Many companies have now understood the important role played by customer service. Away from the cost center to the profit center. Many products themselves are interchangeable, but customer service makes all the difference in the marketplace.

Your Goal

You want to increase customer and agent satisfaction and use a modern platform that provides you with the perfect basis for future optimization and automation.

The Solution

As a solution provider/agency for customer service CRM, we rely exclusively on the market leader in this area (Zendesk). Zendesk has been around since 2007 and is one of the few solutions to offer customer service CRM software that is compliant with the GDPR.

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Goals for the Introduction of a Customer Service CRM Solution

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What our customers want to achieve...

Reduction of manual tasks
Improvement of customer satisfaction
Improvement of agent satisfaction
Create a basis for customer centricity
Reporting and KPIs
Future-proof platform

Our Joint Path to your Optimal Customer Service CRM Solution

We’ll be with you throughout the process of developing and implementing the ideal customer service CRM solution specifically for your business. Why not take a look at some of our previous projects and clients to see how we can help you.



Get to know us without obligation. We ourselves come from both customer service, CRM and technology backgrounds.



To see how you can benefit from a dedicated customer service CRM solution, we needed some insight into your current situation.



Together we define your future solution scenario. Our goal is to be very solution-oriented in a few weeks "live" and generate initial results and benefits.



We implement your requirements and ideas in the system. Many best-practises from over 300 previous projects ensure results that suit you.



Continual access to expert advice, training, and assistance for the duration of the project and afterwards.

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Some of Our Customers

We serve a variety of customers (300+) in the Zendesk environment.
Our customers include startups with 3 agents to large organizations providing customer service in 30 countries with 999+ agents.

Staffbase Logo Erfolgsstory

“With the help of Leafworks, we managed to complete a mammoth project without a negative impact on users and customers. On the contrary – we were able to standardize customer satisfaction across the entire Staffbase group at a high level and can now offer efficient multi-product support.”

Globetrotter Logo Erfolgsstory

“The cooperation with Leafworks was very pleasant and professional. The transition to a new support system was a big step for us. Leafworks understood our needs very well, communicated opportunities and obstacles clearly, and provided us with excellent advice during the transformation process.”

“The collaboration with Zendesk and Leafworks was characterized by utmost professionalism and reliability from start to finish! […] We were able to start 2 months after the go-live decision and had hardly any teething problems, which is amazing for such a big project.”

Other Customers

How We Can Help You Improve Your Customer Service Software

A customized customer service software ensures that the interactions between you and your customers are optimized. The focus here is on improving the customer experience. Leafworks helps you achieve this. Excellent customer service does not end with the first transaction!

We already created a lot of Zendesk apps and custom client extensions for the entire Zendesk Application Suite. This makes us the most successful customer support software (Zendesk)  partner in the DACH region.

Due to the extensive possibilities for automating service desk software, it is advisable to have an experienced expert on your side. We will make sure that your efforts pay off in terms of productivity gains and ROI.

Zendesk QuickStart Session

Are you planning to implement Zendesk in Customer Service? We have a pragmatic approach to define the right steps for your implementation together. To do this, we clarify your requirements in the session and identify optimization potential. In this way, we create the basis for your individual Zendesk integration.

Zendesk Custom App Entwicklung

Whether it's smaller apps to increase productivity within Zendesk or developing integrations with your backend systems (Cloud/OnPremise) such as CRM, ERP or store systems - we design your customer service software the way you want it! And within a few weeks to months.

Zendesk AddOns API

Our Zendesk AddOns API extends the capabilities of Zendesk with various functions such as parsing and saving content or extracting content from files. This way, Customer Support Management can be perfectly customized an many manual tasks can be avoided or simplified.

Zendesk CRM-Integration (Cloud/OnPremise)

CRM software contains information about your customers that can optimally support your customer service. Integration is not rocket science! We ensure that your systems are optimally integrated so that you can use the data efficiently in customer service. This saves time and money!

We are here to help!

Many of the customer support team’s problems can be solved through integrations and automations. This frees up more time for customer relationship management instead of focusing on managing the software.

Zendesk support extensions are a great way for companies to provide the best customer experience through automation. Leafworks is one of the leading experts in Zendesk and has developed integrations that automate processes, such as updating tickets with CRM software like Salesforce Service Cloud, and reduce redundant data entry.

We’ve built many Zendesk solutions for big and small businesses, so we know what matters to businesses when they decide to upgrade their system. If you’d like to talk about anything related to Zendesk, contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

Robert Cwicinski

Robert Cwicinski

CRM Expert

With Zendesk, we realize projects in the customer service environment. We handle full customization to internal CI/CD, automations within Zendesk to custom apps and integrations to your backend systems. Let’s talk about how we can improve your CX.
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