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You don't know how to start with your next BI step? We help to define your BI-strategy and help with best-practises to build a successful BI solution.

Data provisioning

Most important for every BI solution is the underlying data. These can be a variety of different databases, files or the APIs of your backend systems or other SaaS solutions. Is the data ready to use? Is it available in the desired quality and structure, or do they need to be prepared using ETL processes?

Cloud DWH

Mostly data is stored in mixed environments (cloud/SaaS and on premise). We help our customers building up their cloud datawarehouse.


We integrate your desired BI tool in your infrastructure and implement your requirements. Our No 1 BI tool is Looker. Talk to us to learn more.

Data delivery

There are many approaches to provide data in mixed environments. Often it makes sense to transport the data from the cloud into existing databases (for example automated at night). The BI solution can then access the locally available and prepared data.


Our BI-solutions

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