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The Top of Customer Service – Staffbase achieves CSAT of 97% thanks to Zendesk


Staffbase was faced with the challenge of taking over a company with 150 employees and a CSAT of approx. 85%, which was already using existing processes, had an existing product and corresponding support. By working together, Staffbase was able to complete the migration without any negative impact on users and agents, standardize the customerexperience and achieve a customer satisfaction of 97%. Read on to learn more about the steps involved and the other goals that Leafworks, Zendesk and Staffbase were able to achieve through their collaboration:

Quick Facts

Company Name

Staffbase GmbH


Software Developer



Chemnitz (HQ)


Employee Communications



Project Duration

8 Months

Project Start

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Staffbase is a leading global platform for mobile-first employee communications, intranets and employee apps. During the acquisition of a company with over 100 employees, the focus was on migrating processes and standardizing the customer experience. The aim was to achieve a consistently high quality of customer service worldwide without negative consequences for customers and employees during project implementation. Together, we succeeded in creating an efficient process that can be used as a best practice for future acquisitions.


Initial Situation

Acquisition of a company with 150 employees (Staffbase: 400 employees)

  • Remote only
  • Relevant KPIs of the acquired company differed from Staffbase (CSAT 85% and thus lower; response time faster due to end user support)
  • Limited use of Zendesk at acquired company
  • Potential of Zendesk was not utilized: No Zendesk admin, etc.


  • Customer impact should be kept as low as possible
  • All tools/teams/processes should be united
  • Timeline-oriented execution of the process
  • Project as blueprint for future acquisitions
  • Helpcenter integration with Staffbase Helpcenter
  • Conversion of end-user support from B2C/B2B mixed business to B2B-only.

Our Services

  • Orientation-Call/shadowing and evaluation of the existing instance & processes
  • Definition of the problem & analysis of both tools (system landscape; integrations; macros; triggers; …)
  • Creation of a project plan: Clear definition of tasks between Staffbase & Leafworks
  • Migration of all tickets; macros; triggers; settings into one brand/instance
  • Migration of HelpCenter articles in preparation for final changeover
  • Complete migration incl. branding
  • Customization of Salesforce integration so that all customers are synced accordingly
  • Cleanup
Staffbase Helpcenter


  • Single Brand
  • Users didn’t notice anything about the migration, agents only very little, since the working environment has hardly changed through the project steps
  • Customer Experience is unified with high quality: CSAT; First Reply Time; quality of customer interactions greatly increased
  • Central tracking across all customer interactions
  • All organizational processes are integrated with the tools (e.g. processes in North America are the same as in Europe)
  • Best practice for future acquisitions has been created

Customer Feedback

With the help of Leafworks, we managed to complete a mammoth project without a negative impact on users and customers. Quite the opposite – we were able to standardize customer satisfaction across the entire Staffbase group at a high level and can now offer efficient multi-product support. Especially the fast and unbureaucratic ways to Leafworks were helpful here to execute decisions quickly in our agile working world.

Felix Starzer | Global Director Customer Care | Staffbase GmbH
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