Digital Transformation - Just a Buzzword or a Strategy for Success?

Learn how companies are successfully using digital transformation to strengthen their future viability and competitiveness.


Everyone talks about digitization or digital transformation. Most people relate this directly to the cloud or cloud technologies. However, digitalization does not mean, for example, that you now have to host your ERP system in the cloud instead of in your own data center, or that you have to switch directly to a SaaS product. 

Digitization is much more than that. We can use modern technologies to solve very specific challenges on the market without being too involved in the dependencies of existing infrastructures.

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Why You Should Digitize






Fulfill customer expectations



Effizienz steigern

Kosten reduzieren

Erwartungen erfüllen

Prozesse optimieren

The Most Common Mistakes in Digital Transformation

Time and again, we see that some mistakes are made when it comes to advancing the digital transformation. As a result, progress is quite slow overall.

Lack of customer focus or no customer focus at all

Implementation without customer centricity is difficult or even impossible. In a large number of cases, this leads to developing solutions that the customer does not use in the end. This costs valuable time and money without real added value for your customers.

Too much internal complexity (e.g. team size, processes)

Too large teams and complex internal processes mean that the speed of implementation suffers greatly. However, speed is of the essence in digital transformation. One approach that works is small “digital units” alongside the actual organization or temporary project teams together with external partners. 

Too high a level of detail in the implementation of MVPs

Many companies tend to consider new topics too complicated in order to aim for a potential 100% solution. It is better to start with 70% and see first results in 4 weeks instead of working out concepts for months.
Even a 100% predefined solution will never be able to reach 100%, because the practical experience is missing.

Solutions in Weeks Instead of Paper in Months

Our Approach

Pain-Driven Transformation

  • You as a company already know which specific “pain point” you want to digitize
  • We look at this process (present) together
  • We know the digital possibilities and propose a solution scenario for implementation. This can be a tool, a small app, a script or a small platform with front- and backend solution

Holistic View

  • Understanding of the company, products, sales channels, customer structures
  • Insight current system landscape via systems
  • Cloud-readyness check
  • Joint identification of low-hanging fruits and rapid optimization measures

How We Work

Our team helps to master the digital transformation in your company as well. Our team is a mix of very technical consultants and developers – on the other hand we understand business problems and put a lot of emphasis on the interpersonal relationship. Projects should first and foremost be fun and produce fast visible results. 

  • Modern technology drives us
  • Pragmatic approach
  • 100% solution oriented for fast results
  • Focus on “data”
  • We create results in weeks instead of paper in months
  • People over process
undraw_wie wir arbeiten

What We Need? Commitment & Trust


We can only successfully bring our strengths and experience to our projects if we have both the commitment and the trust of our customers. This is what enables us to work in a solution-oriented manner in the first place.

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Commonly Used Technologies


Angular, React, Vue


Amazon AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure


NodeJS, Python

Interfaces and Data

iPaaS Solutions, Scripting (z.B. Python)


Python, NodeJS, Shell/Powershell


Qlik, PowerBI, Looker, Google Data Studio

Some of Our Customers

We serve a variety of customers (300+) in the fields of digital transformation and customer experience..
Our customers include startups with 3 agents to large organizations operating in 30 countries with 999+ employees.

Staffbase Logo Erfolgsstory

“With the help of Leafworks, we managed to complete a mammoth project without a negative impact on users and customers. On the contrary – we were able to standardize customer satisfaction across the entire Staffbase group at a high level and can now offer efficient multi-product support.”

Globetrotter Logo Erfolgsstory

“The cooperation with Leafworks was very pleasant and professional. The transition to a new support system was a big step for us. Leafworks understood our needs very well, communicated opportunities and obstacles clearly, and provided us with excellent advice during the transformation process.”

“The collaboration with Zendesk and Leafworks was characterized by utmost professionalism and reliability from start to finish! […] We were able to start 2 months after the go-live decision and had hardly any teething problems, which is amazing for such a big project.”

Other Customers

We’re here to help!

Leafworks is your ideal partner for digital transformation. We have many years of experience in consulting, developing and implementing digital solutions for various industries and use cases.

Leafworks is not only an IT service provider, but also a trusted partner for your digital transformation. We work closely with you to understand your requirements, solve your challenges and exceed your expectations. We not only provide you with technical solutions, but also strategic advice and ongoing support.

Contact us today and let’s shape your digital transformation together. We look forward to hearing from you!

Robert Cwicinski

Robert Cwicinski

CRM Expert

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