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With Zendesk, Globetrotter was able to reduce the response time by 50% in only 3 months.

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By introducing Zendesk, the desired transparency was achieved across all communication channels and the existing chatbot and survey tools could be seamlessly integrated. Inquiries via web forms, e-mails, chatbots and live chat are automatically assigned to the responsible agents and processed centrally. As a result, the manual effort for the agents could be significantly reduced and the response times within the first 3 months after go-live could be reduced from over 8 hours to approx. 4 hours.

Quick Facts

Company Name

Globetrotter Ausrüstung GmbH


Retail/ E-Commerce








Project Duration

3 Months

Project Start

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Reduced response time
The Globetrotter Ausrüstung GmbH, based in Hamburg, sells high-quality products in the field of outdoor and travel equipment and has grown into one of the largest European outdoor retailers. The previous customer service solution no longer met the requirements of a modern omnichannel support. The goal was to find a solution that can be used globally in the parent company and that transparently maps and centralizes all communication channels. Another important point was the ability to integrate existing solutions such as survey tools and chatbots With Zendesk Guide, Globetrotter now has a modern self-service solution that provides customers with the right information at the right time. By evaluating the self-service activities, Globetrotter recognizes which information is helpful for customers, can continuously optimize it and close identified gaps with new contributions.
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Initial Situation

  • Wanted: an omni-channel customer service solution
  • Solution should also be globally usable for the parent company ‘Fenix Group’.
  • The new customer service solution should be compatible with the existing tools
  • Existing HelpCenter no longer up-to-date and difficult to maintain due to its age
  • High volume of customer inquiries during the Corona period
  • Goal: Less manual work for the customer service team

Our Services

  • QuickStart: Introduction/basic configuration of the Zendesk platform
  • Structure and design of several HelpCenters (Multibrand)
  • Configuration of the chat channel
    • Automatic routing of chats depending on the online status of the departments
    • Optimization of the context help in the web widget through adapted scripts
  • E-Mail migration from the legacy system
  • Integration support regarding
    • Chatbot
    • NPS survey
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Processes / Effizienz
  • Improved transparency by centralizing the e-mail, chat and self-service channels
  • Reduction of the manual work for the support agents through automatic assignment / sorting of e-mail and form requests
  • First Reply Time (time to first response) was halved from over 8 hours to about 4 hours within the first 3 months.
Self-Service / Helpcenter
  • Existing FAQs could be integrated and expanded.
  • With the Zendesk widget, contextual content can be made available to the customer in the web store and the customers can be additionally supported in their customer journey.
  • The integrated reporting solution shows which content is relevant for the customer or which content is missing. In this way, the self-service area can be continuously adapted to customer needs.
Integration of third-party solutions
  • Seamless chatbot integration allows customers to be transferred to a live chat if required. Alternatively, customer requests are sent to Zendesk using appropriate forms and assigned directly to the responsible support agent.
  • For the Net Promoter Score-Survey, a ticket is automatically created and processed in Zendesk in case of negative ratings. This supports the continuous improvement process and increases transparency.

Customer Feedback

Working with Leafworks was very pleasant and professional. The switch to a new support system was a big step for us. Leafworks understood our needs very well, clearly communicated opportunities and obstacles and gave us excellent advice in the transformation process. We also liked the speed at which the project was implemented and that Leafworks was available at all times.”
Omied Sadegie | Head of Customer Service | Globetrotter Ausrüstung GmbH
Picture credits: Globetrotter

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