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As a integration partner, our team is here to help you get the most out of your project management software.

Build a Custom Workflow for Your Next Project work os is a robust cloud-based work management platform that allows teams to collaborate and manage projects more effectively. It provides a visual and intuitive platform for teams to organize tasks, track progress, and communicate in real-time.

At Leafworks, we offer solutions tailored to your needs. As your integration partner, we will work with you to build a custom workflow that drives success for your business.

Maximize productivity in your business and uncover the benefits of this project management platform. Contact a Monday work management integration team for a free consultation today. workflow management

Why Choose collaboration plattform allows you to get more done at your organization with less stress on your employees. It offers:

  • A visual and intuitive platform with a customizable interface
  • Easy-to-use workflow templates to maximize efficiency
  • Ability to collaborate in real-time
  • Acts as a centralized information hub for your team
  • Offers seamless integrations with Zapier, Salesforce, Trello, and more
  • Includes Kanban view, Gantt charts and more
  • It can be accessed anywhere with its mobile app

If you want to learn more about how can help you manage your business, contact us today for a quote. 

Track and manage everything in one workspace

Task management, time tracking, resource allocation, project planning, and real-time communication are just some of the capabilities available on, all with the goal of improving team productivity.’s adaptable and simple interface makes it an ideal fit for businesses of all sizes and in a wide range of industries.

At Leafworks, we use for internal communication, team collaboration, and task management. For successful project completion, we use client task boards for intensive collaboration.

monday workspace management

How Our Consultants Can Help

Our consultants can help you set up and manage workflows that keep your business moving forward. Keep reading to learn more about our services. zendesk integration

Set Up Your Platform

Let our team set up for you so you don't have to worry about a thing. We will even handle your Zendesk integrations, Salesforce integrations, and other Monday CRM integrations.

build custom workflows

Build Custom Workflows can help you manage every aspect of your business, including human resources, customer relationship management, and more. We'll help you set up workflows for all your needs. training Training was designed to offer an intuitive platform for all businesses. We will help you train your team so they are comfortable with your new technology and can hit the ground running. support

Ongoing Support

We offer ongoing support and maintenance to ensure your platform is always up-to-date and performing optimally. This means your business will never miss a beat.

Integrate without limits

All your favorite tools in one place.

Integrate with your current software to make one streamlined platform for teamwork. Through the Apps Marketplace, you have access to a wide variety of common integrations:

  • Productivity tools like Google Calendar, Slack and Trello
  • Ticket systems like Zendesk and Jira
  • Communication tools like Microsoft Teams and Zoom
  • Time tracking and invoicing tools like Toggl and Freshbooks
  • Design and prototyping tools like Sketch, InVision and Figma.

These integrations help users seamlessly share data between and other tools so teams can work more efficiently.

How Our Consulting Works

Step 1: Consultation

We'll start by reviewing your company's workflow needs and determining how can best support your organization. software setup

Step 2: Software Set Up

After creating a plan, we'll help you set up your platform and ensure every team member is onboard. streamline your workflow

Step 3: Optimise Workflow

Once it's set up, we will help you create robust workflows that take your organization to the next level. Contact us today to begin.

Request a free consultation today

Leafworks is proud to partner with We have assisted over 300 companies of all sizes to become more productive.

This has given us insight into what businesses need when selecting systems to improve. Our integration services allow you to improve productivity and streamline costs at your business.

With the broad range of integration & automation options that provides, teams can spend more time on proactivity rather than focusing on managing software gaps. Project management is beneficial for companies.

It can break down silos and maximize collaboration. is a good project management software that can be implemented. we have found that numerous problems are alleviated.

Are you ready to improve the workflow of your organization? Contact us today to find out how our professional services can help you improve your bottom line. 

Malte Lensch

Malte Lensch Integrations Expert

We are absolutely convinced that a long-term partnership with Ultimate will improve automation rates for our clients, bringing massive value to businesses and joyful experiences to their customers.

Our Customers

Take a look at what we have done for our customers to get an idea of what we can do for you.

zendesk case studies

Zendesk Premier Partner Leafworks is a leading Zendesk integration company that specializes in improving business ROI by creating custom integrations for Zendesk.

We use Zendesk to realize customer service projects. We undertake the customizing, automations, triggers, custom-app development and the integrations into backend systems. 

Our consulting services include QuickStart initial setups, Zendesk integration & automation and Zendesk apps & themes. Contact us today to book your discovery call.

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