Single Source CRM Consulting and Integration

Increase your customer loyalty and sales with our CRM consulting. We help you to find the right system and to implement it successfully. Together we create the optimal basis for your sales, marketing and customer service.

Without the optimal CRM process ...

... the opportunities of digital transformation remain partially untapped. In this case, you may be familiar with the following challenges:

Too little knowledge about the customers

Customers are more likely to buy twice if they receive the right offers. A CRM tool helps you track the entire customer journey from initial inquiry to upselling. Information from social networks can also be integrated into the CRM system. In fact, according to one study, it's possible to increase profits by 25 percent thanks to customer retention of 5 percent!

Are you using the customer data you already have to create world-class customer experiences and increase revenue?

If not, you may not yet be taking full advantage of modern CRM systems. Good products are one thing, but without the right technology and personalized marketing, they won't get the attention they deserve. Improve your customer management with professional consulting - for your company's success!

Marketing and sales cause high costs?

Marketing and sales benefit greatly from CRM: Thanks to the CRM system, for example, it is quickly apparent which sales employees are achieving their goals, which customer segments have which interests, and which products are selling well. This makes it easy to find levers for optimization, which in turn can reduce costs. You can also save time by storing all campaigns centrally and rolling them out automatically.

The advantages of independent CRM consulting

All CRM system providers at a glance. There is a wide range of CRM tools on the market. We find the right CRM software for small businesses, SMEs, and corporations, focusing on individual needs. As CRM consultants, we know many options and strategies.

Honest CRM-Consulting

A comprehensive CRM solution requires a thorough assessment. We examine all relevant factors before selecting an implementation approach. As a CRM consultancy, we do not propose software solutions that we would not implement ourselves in the same way.

Simple but individual CRM solutions

Many CRM projects fail because initial solutions are implemented in a far too complicated manner. However, there is rarely a perfect standard solution because the processes in companies are far too different. A thorough implementation is a prerequisite for the successful completion of the project in all aspects.

The right CRM System as a Competitive Advantage

Customer relationship management (CRM) software helps companies organise their processes, making them more efficient and improving customer satisfaction. CRM solutions also help to streamline the buying process by automating labor-intensive tasks that previously had to be done manually.

A CRM program can be beneficial to any business because it expands the boundaries associated with running a business or organization. Additionally, it influences the way one deals with existing customer relationships.

The success of a company always depends on its customers. When a company expands, it is the consumers who are ultimately responsible for that expansion by purchasing the company’s goods and services in the first place. They are usually the ones who feel the impact of that expansion the most. The customers show the company where there is room for improvement. For example, customers influence those around them by either praising products or services to their friends or advising against them based on bad experiences.

Why Leafworks?

  • Expertise: Our specialist for CRM integrates appropriate systems in existing corporate structures already since 2005. In the process, he has completed many complex projects with great success..
  • Quick results: We work pragmatically and solution-oriented, so that the CRM integration succeeds in a few weeks to months.
  • Customized solutions from a single source: We know all relevant CRM system providers and choose exactly the right one for you. After that we take care of a smooth implementation – you get a turnkey result! 

By the way: If you want to digitize your business processes further, we are happy to be at your side for further measures in the future  as well. For example, in data analysis as part of Business Intelligence or in optimizing the workflow through Contact us if you are interested in comprehensive consulting services and related technical developments! 

Improve Customer Satisfaction with a Comprehensive CRM Solution

Without a comprehensive system for customer communications, it becomes difficult to maintain personalized interactions with customers, which can negatively impact customer loyalty. This can lead to a devastating domino effect from which companies struggle to recover as they find themselves in a damage control environment. 

Efficient CRM processes can help companies not only accelerate the traditional sales process, but also to retain customers and increase customer loyalty.

A CRM program is the most efficient approach to managing customer interactions and driving business expansion. A CRM tool streamlines interactions between businesses and their customers by establishing a central repository for collecting data, that relates to both potential customers and existing customers. The CRM can store the data locally or via cloud.

The ideal customer relationship management system not only supports a company’s existing marketing activities, but also synchronizes these efforts by automating customer conversations. If a company finds that its current platform doesn’t provide the necessary API to link other systems in its business and stay ahead of the competition, then it may be beneficial to move to a new CRM solution. Learn more about Integrating Zendesk with CRM.

CRM Consulting from Leafworks -
For your Project Success!

We accompany you during the  entire process from the identification of optimization potentials to the development of innovative ideas and the practical implementation of the developed software solutions. To get an idea of what we can achieve together, check out these practical examples from our customers.



Get to know us without obligation. We ourselves come from both customer service, CRM and technology backgrounds.



To see how you can benefit from a dedicated customer service CRM solution, we needed some insight into your current situation.



Together we define your future solution scenario. Our goal is to be very solution-oriented in a few weeks "live" and generate initial results and benefits.



We implement your requirements and ideas in the system. Many best-practises from over 300 previous projects ensure results that suit you.



Continual access to expert advice, training, and assistance for the duration of the project and afterwards.

Some of Our Customers

We serve a variety of customers (300+).
Our customers include startups with 3 agents to large organizations operating in 30 countries with 999+ employees.

Staffbase Logo Erfolgsstory

“With the help of Leafworks, we managed to complete a mammoth project without a negative impact on users and customers. On the contrary – we were able to standardize customer satisfaction across the entire Staffbase group at a high level and can now offer efficient multi-product support.”

Globetrotter Logo Erfolgsstory

“The cooperation with Leafworks was very pleasant and professional. The transition to a new support system was a big step for us. Leafworks understood our needs very well, communicated opportunities and obstacles clearly, and provided us with excellent advice during the transformation process.”

“The collaboration with Zendesk and Leafworks was characterized by utmost professionalism and reliability from start to finish! […] We were able to start 2 months after the go-live decision and had hardly any teething problems, which is amazing for such a big project.”

Other Customers

CRM Consulting – we are here to help!

I do CRM consulting since 2005 and have therefore had the opportunity to get to know many companies in different industries. No matter if the focus is on the optimization of sales, the customer service or marketing activities

As CRM Solutions take a decisive place in the company, interfaces and integrations in third-party systems are also of great importance for the success of the project. This can be the Shop system, ERP, PIM or similar.

Let’s have a virtual coffee and see what your very special challenge is.

I look forward to hearing from it!

Robert Cwicinski

Robert Cwicinski

CRM Expert

FAQs around CRM Consulting

A CRM (customer relationship management) system is a software that helps companies manage its customers. It enables the collection, analysis and use of customer data to promote better service, targeted marketing strategies and effective sales processes. Both the marketing department and the sales department benefit, as the two areas can be easily interlocked.

Imagine you run an online store. A CRM system helps you store all the information about your customers: their purchases, preferences, and requests. This allows you to offer personalized consulting services, send targeted offers, and build long-term customer relationships. The goal: more sales and more revenue! 

Operational CRM collects customer data, for example, through e-mail contacts or phone calls. Analytical CRM uses this data to better understand customer behavior. Communicative CRM can be used to find out which channels customers use. Collaborative CRM involves several companies working together at different points in the same value chain.

The introduction of a CRM system comes into question if you want to improve customer relations. If your company grows, customer data becomes confusing or personalized service is important, CRM supports targeted marketing and sales optimization. Especially larger companies mostly use CRM systems to improve their analyses, strategies and customer management! 

Of course, that depends on your needs. Popular CRM systems include Hubspot, Salesforce and Zoho CRM. HubSpot’s CRM is designed for small businesses and startups and impresses with its intuitive operation. Salesforce, on the other hand, is a comprehensive CRM platform for companies of any size with advanced features.

The costs vary depending on the provider, the range of functions, and the size of the company. You can spend a few 100 euros or more than half a million for a CRM system. Either you purchase a license or rent the software. There are also free CRM systems with lower performance. 

When choosing a CRM Solution, it is very important to have your own goals and needs in mind. Which functions and aspects are necessary for your company’s success? 

Integrating a tool for better customer relationship management definitely requires some action, but the effort is controllable. The long-term benefits of improved customer data management and more efficient processes are usually worth it, as they contribute significantly to success. 

It is important to analyze the current processes in detail and match them with the requirements of the CRM system. In the event of potential challenges such as data migration, interfaces and technical integration difficulties, it is of course good to have a specialist at your side. Careful planning, clear communication, and training can help minimize potential problems and ensure a successful implementation.

CRM consulting is particularly recommended when a company is new to CRM use, has complex requirements, or encounters problems with the existing CRM implementation. Consulting can also provide valuable support in selecting the right CRM system or optimizing processes.

Zendesk Premier Partner Leafworks is a leading Zendesk integration company that specializes in improving business ROI by creating custom integrations for Zendesk.

We use Zendesk to realize customer service projects. We undertake the customizing, automations, triggers, custom-app development and the integrations into backend systems. 

Our consulting services include QuickStart initial setups, Zendesk integration & automation and Zendesk apps & themes. Contact us today to book your discovery call.

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