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How Jelmoli was able to increase customer satisfaction to 92% in just 4 months

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By introducing Zendesk, Jelmoli was able to significantly reduce the processing time for customer inquiries. Positive side effects such as the adaptation of the processes to the requirements from the customer’s perspective as well as detailed contact reporting were achieved in addition to a general improvement in the customer experience. Jelmoli managed to increase its customer satisfaction by 5% to 92% in the first 4 months after the introduction.

Quick Facts

Company Name

Jelmoli AG


Retail Trade, Trade





Department Stores



Project Duration

2,5 Months (Phase 1)

Project Start

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The Jelmoli AG, located in Zurich, is the largest premium department store in Switzerland. The previous customer service solution no longer met the requirements of a state-of-the-art customer service, especially with regard to the new web shop and other omni-channel solutions. Jelmoli was confronted with an increasing number of contacts and a higher complexity of inquiries. With the old system, important KPIs could not be measured and an efficient adaptation to customer needs wasn’t possible. By introducing Zendesk as a customer service solution, processing and response times were significantly reduced and processes could be tailored to customer needs. In addition, through qualitative feedback from customers, it is now possible to understand the customer journey and improve it.
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Initial Situation

  • Approx. 80,000 contacts a year in customer service alone.
  • Important KPIs and indicators for a premium service could not be measured.
  • Increasing number of contacts and increased complexity of inquiries due to the webshop release and the implementation of circles and airside.
  • Before Zendesk and 3CX were introduced, customer service worked with Outlook and an outdated telephone system.
  • Only manually created reports without live values.
  • No embedding in the existing IT landscape.
  • No possibility for automation or 360-degree view of the customer.
  • No measurement of relevant KPIs: Speed, Volume, Critical Accuracy, Revenue, Satisfaction, Efficiency).
  • Conclusion: No transparency and no possibility to evaluate the performance. As a result, there was no way to develop customer service.

Our Services

  • QuickStart (introduction / basic configuration of the Zendesk platform
  • Structure and design of a new help center
  • Integration of WhatsApp channel
  • Support of the integration of an external telephony solution
  • Migration / import of customer data from the ERP system
  • Development of an APP (hide drop down field values) to configure the extensive request categories
  • Creation of a customer-specific reporting dashboard with Zendesk Explore
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Efficient contact management
  • Processing time and thus waiting time for the customer has been reduced
  • Inquiries can be processed faster and with higher quality
  • Processes could be optimized and adapted to customer needs
  • Handling with 2nd and 3rd level has been simplified and professionalized
Detailed contact reporting
  • Better understanding of the customer journey: Which channels are used for which inquiries and at what point in time
  • Faster problem resolution
  • Better planning of future impacts
  • More detailed feedback to service owners (interfaces) regarding their processes and performance from the customer’s perspecti
Service improvement
  • Holistic improvement of the customer experience through qualitative feedback from customers in correlation with impact and contact reasons
  • Better understanding of the pain points along the customer journey

Customer Feedback

“The cooperation with Zendesk and Leafworks was characterized by the greatest professionalism and reliability from start to finish! Remo is an absolute professional, understood our needs very well and gave us excellent advice. We were already able to start 2 months after the go-live decision and hardly had any teething problems, which is very astonishing for such a big change. The fact that we were able to speak to existing customers quickly and easily during the evaluation also helped us enormously. As a result, we understood the possibilities but also the dangers much better and were able to set ourselves a clear roadmap that is very successful.”
Alexander Bösch | Head of Services | Jelmoli AG
Picture credits: Jelmoli

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