Zendesk custom app development

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You already use Zendesk or plan to do so in the future? Enhancing Zendesk with the possibility to build custom Apps get's the maximum out of your Zendesk installation.


Smaller apps to boost your agents productivity or complex integrations into your backend systems (cloud/on premise) like CRM, ERP or e-commerce systems. We do Zendesk app-development to maximize your Zendesk utilization.


API development

You want to integrate with systems which aren't API-enabled yet? We develop the needed API endpoint for the Zendesk apps to enable the communication with 3rd party systems.


We create private Apps just for your own use-case or make sure to publish your app into the Zendesk Marketplace if you want them to be used by other Zendesk customers too.


You contact us and tell us about your requirements. 

We specify what the app should to and how it could be integrated. This could be a short websession or a on-site workshop.

Based on the requirements we will provide a solution scenario including mockups and a estimation for implementing your app.

After accepting our quote we will start implementing the Zendesk app.

The app can be installed as private app in your Zendesk installation. If you provide a service which is useful for other Zendesk customers to we can publish the App to the Zendesk marketplace and to have a public app.




We use Zendesk to realize customer service projects. We undertake the customizing, automations, triggers, custom-app development and the integrations into backend systems.

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