Zendesk Custom App Development

Leafworks is not only an implementation and integration partner for Zendesk, but also a Zendesk app developer.

Discover the benefits of custom app development for your Zendesk ecosystem and optimize your workflows according to your specific needs.

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Zendesk Augmentation with Custom Apps

In addition to being an Implementation Partner and a Referral Partner for Zendesk, Leafworks is a Zendesk App Developer.

As a Zendesk custom app developer and integration specialist, we assist you in maintaining Zendesk’s elegant simplicity while customizing it to meet your organization’s requirements. That’s all there is to it!

We provide integrations and applications for Zendesk that work with a diverse set of operating systems.

We have already built apps and established integrations for phone, backend, CRM, eCommerce, and ERP systems.

zendesk custom app development

The four key areas of Zendesk app development

Apps are third-party programmes that may be installed on your Zendesk platform to provide new features or improve existing ones. Although the Zendesk Suite has many useful features, not all customers will need or utilise them in the same way. But there are various subsets of Zendesk users who have common needs.

They may share commonalities, such as being in the same field and using the same piece of third-party software, necessitating an integration between their respective systems. Customers typically seek our assistance in four distinct areas when working with us to develop a custom app…

scaling up zendesk with custom apps
Enhancing Customer Service

Adding custom applications to Zendesk expands its capability to the utmost extent, enabling your software to scale as your business expands, whether you already use it or plan to do so in the future.

zendesk augmentation with custom apps
Zendesk Augmentation

We design simple apps to increase agent productivity as well as intricate integrations into backend systems, such as CRM, ERP and eCommerce. We design apps for both cloud and on-premise.

API development with custom zendesk apps
API Development

If you wish to integrate with systems that don't yet have API support, we will create the necessary API endpoint for the Zendesk apps to communicate with your 3rd party systems.

deployment with zendesk custom apps

We create private apps that are tailored specifically to your particular use-case. You have the option of publishing your applications on the Zendesk Marketplace in order to monetize them.

Leafworks Apps on Zendesk Marketplace

deeplinks app for zendesk

Deeplinks App

Provide quick access from within a ticket to your CRM, ERP, web shop, etc using specific URL parameters. Within Zendesk, you can customise the button colours and url patterns.

guide importer app for zendesk

Guide Importer

Using a bulk import and export feature for your Guide articles, sections, and categories will make it simple to keep your Help Center up to date. Compatible with Excel.

macro importer app for zendesk

Macro Manager

Bulk import/export, activate or delete macros, and test dynamic content on-the-fly in other languages. Save hours whether you're new to Zendesk or are transferring data.

related tickets app for zendesk

Related Tickets

Related Tickets allows you to see related tickets based on the same custom fields values of other tickets such as Customer ID, Order ID, Backend ID and many more.

side tickets app for zendesk

Side Tickets

Link/create multiple tickets for the main ticket, sync comments and attachments while coordinating which sensitive information is given inside each communication stream.

SAP sales cloud C4C app for zendesk

SAP Sales Cloud C4C

Connect SAP Sales Cloud to Zendesk to view account, customer, contact, lead, and opportunity data. Customize SAP displays, structure data with fields and labels.

plentymarkets app for zendesk

PlentyMarkets App

Link Plentymarkets users' order history to Zendesk tickets. Each new ticket automatically searches by user's email. If no data is retrieved, agents can search manually.

zenloop connect app for zendesk

Zenloop Connect

Automate customer feedback! Client comments are mirrored in Zendesk tickets, while feedback collection is prompted by ticket status changes and embedded zenloop surveys.

sunshine data editor app for zendesk

Sunshine Data Editor

Manage custom objects and edit Sunshine data directly in Zendesk. Edit, delete and create single objects, enhance workflows and improve productivity with real-time data.

alert wrong user app for zendesk

Alert Wrong User

Prevent agents from changing requester and assignee names or domains. Provide more control over ticket assignment and requester modifications.

deeplinks app for zendesk

Deeplinks PLUS

Provide quick access from within a ticket to your CRM, ERP, web shop, etc using specific URL parameters. With PLUS you can create multiple DeepLinks.

sunshine data editor app for zendesk

Sunshine Data Editor PLUS

Manage custom objects and edit Sunshine data directly in Zendesk. Edit, delete & create single objects, bulk import/export and bulk delete.

Getting started with Leafworks

As experts in Zendesk custom app development, we realise that the hardest part of developing software is locating a business with the perfect combination of motivation, expertise, and a history of meeting deadlines and maintaining quality. If you don’t choose the correct service provider, you could waste a few months of valuable time and tens of thousands of dollars.

At Leafworks, we always base our bespoke app development on a solid foundation of discovery, design, and development. We’ll address your business problem with software that is supplied quickly and safely thanks to our expert staff and cutting-edge acceleration technology. Get started today with a discovery call.

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Write to us in some detail about your idea or problem and we will arrange a time to meet with you. Contact us.

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We'll outline the app's purpose and integration in an exploration session, remotely or in-person.

create zendesk custom apps step 3


We will provide a solution scenario, mockups, and an estimate with implementation timeline.

create zendesk custom apps step 4

Dev Op

After accepting our quote and paying the agreed deposit, we will get busy creating your Zendesk app.

create zendesk custom apps step 5


Your app is ready for "Private Apps" in your Zendesk instance or to be published to the Zendesk marketplace.

We’re here to help!

Many customer support team issues are resolved via integration & automation, allowing more time to spend on customer relationship management rather than focusing on managing software.

Zendesk Support enhancements are a great way for businesses to provide the best customer experience through automation. Leafworks is one of the leading experts in Zendesk, having built integrations that automate things like updating tickets with CRM software such as Salesforce Service Cloud and reducing redundant data entry.

We’ve built Zendesk solutions for companies both big and small, so we know what businesses are looking for when they choose to enhance their systems. If you’d like to talk about anything at all to do with Zendesk, contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

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Robert Cwicinski

Zendesk Integrations Expert

Our Customers

Look at the work we've done in the past to get an idea of what we're capable of accomplishing for you.

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Zendesk Premier Partner Leafworks is a leading Zendesk integration company that specializes in improving business ROI by creating custom integrations for Zendesk.

We use Zendesk to realize customer service projects. We undertake the customizing, automations, triggers, custom-app development and the integrations into backend systems. 

Our consulting services include QuickStart initial setups, Zendesk integration & automation and Zendesk apps & themes. Contact us today to book your discovery call.

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