Zendesk – parse datefield in subject or comments

How can it be achieved inside Zendesk to parse a Zendesk subject or a ticket descriptions for datefields and store the content in a custom field?


Parse the following text/comment from a new ticket …

Dear support team.
My family and I will arrive in 3 days on 08-07-2019 at your place. Is everything set so we can check-in? Thank you for a quick reply.

… and store the extracted date (08-07-2019) in a custom Zendesk field called “arrival date”.

Video showing how a date will be parsed during ticket creation in Zendesk


We have built a middleware/API that does exactly that. It makes use of regular-expressions, so every format you need is possible.
The desired parsing action will be pushed to our Zendesk AddOn API and the required custom field will be updated.

Now you can make use of triggers, automations and views by checking this custom field to prioritize tickets based on the field contents.


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