Zendesk – dynamic deep links APP

We created the dynamic deep links App for Zendesk, because our customers often had the need to jump to other websites from within Zendesk using Zendesk fields.

Use cases for dynamic deep links

  • open your backend systems like your CRM or ERP system using custom field data
    i.e. https://mycrm.cloud.com/orders/8712791238817
  • open your web shop product page with the product name or ID defined inside your ticket
  • search on google for content based on your tickets
  • parcel-tracking in Zendesk with a tracking ID inside your ticket like DHL, UPS, FedEx
  • perform custom searches inside Zendesk like i.e. the same Subject
  • simply have a static link to a website, google sheet, …
  • … and tons of more use-cases


  • set your own colors for the buttons
  • combine multiple fields for URL parameters
    i.e. https://server/<parameter1>/<parameter2
  • activate/deactivate URLs
  • buttons are hidden when the value is empty

See deep links in action!

Watch this little Video to see the deep link APP in action

Install now!

You can find the Dynamic deep link App within the Zendesk Marketplace. Simply install, configure and start using the App.

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