Zendesk Sunshine use cases for Zendesk support

Many of our customers ask us about Zendesk Sunshine use cases. So we decided to differentiate between a couple of different scenarios. Focus for this article is Zendesk Support / so what can you do with Sunshine, when using Zendesk Support for your customer service agents.


Zendesk Support tools based on Sunshine

Additional tools/apps which boost agents productivity can be based on sunshine. The only needed front end for these scenarios is inside Zendesk. Those apps extend the standard data model of Zendesk with additional custom objects. One great example is the voucher code app built by Sparkly.

Enhancements of Zendesk – Sunshine used as data storage

Example: You need custom or advanced routing inside of Zendesk. Routing needs additional data which needs to be stored somewhere (i.e. mapping of articles/products to certain agent groups or brands). An external service like a middleware/script can be used to update Ticket data after a lookup in Sunshine. The rules to perform the actions are stored inside of Sunshine.

Displaying customer relevant data in Zendesk

Many of our customers have the need to know the customer context when working on a customer service scenario.
One option is always viewing tickets from the past or having a CRM Integration to show KPIs and customer details in the Zendesk app bar through an API call towards the CRM.
Many companies use on premise CRM tools, so we often have the task to built up middleware/APIs connecting to on premise solutions in order to make in possible to consume data for a custom Zendesk app through REST/json.

The other way round Sunshine could also be used! Data is pushed from the on premise solution like SAP to sunshine. Data is stored securely within AWS and the Zendesk environment. A custom Zendesk app now pulls the customer detail data from the sunshine API to show up in Zendesk.

Also a great use case is showing the installed base like purchased products, ongoing contracts/subscriptions. They are also pushed to sunshine and shown within custom apps

Customer events

You all know tools used for web tracking. For example actions in our ecommerce shop or inside other applications. 
Also IoT data produces customer centric events. This information can be transferred to the Sunshine events endpoint, which shows up as cool timeline-like data within the ticket requester inside Zendesk.

More to come…

We find new use cases every second day while talking to our clients.
Feel free to share your ideas with us.

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