ChatGPT Explanation and possibilities of use

ChatGPT (openAI) has been a known technology for everyone since Nov. 30, 2022, at the latest. This product has changed many people’s view of the performance of artificial intelligence. All of a sudden, many things are conceivable – because since then, many surprising results have been circulating on the Internet and are also quite easy for anyone to try out (if you manage to get in).

In truth, however, solutions that are just as powerful have existed for years. ChatGPT has fortunately achieved quite a bit in terms of market acceptance of technical solutions, which many vendors have been trying very hard to explain for years. Instead of just “telling” they have shown it for everyone to understand. As the saying goes – “seeing is believing” – thanks for that! Google, Amazon, Microsoft & Co. have also been investing massive sums in this area for years.





What is ChatGPT? A short introduction

So what is actually behind ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is a huge text generator. As underlying data (text corpus) any texts from the internet were used. Among others also Wikipedia, which alone makes up about 3-4% of the texts. Other data comes from e.g. Github (source code), book archives. To be able to handle these almost unimaginable amounts of data, own data centers were created – the electricity prices for them went into the millions.

Fine-tuning was done manually by humans by classifying generated texts as correct or incorrect.

Without going too deep into details – the main goal is to predict the next text snippet (token) and generate a text from it. Now texts are not necessarily always 100% correct (content wise), but the way this text seems plausible to us is amazingly realistic.

Because the amount behind it is so huge, ChatGPT delivers halfway usable results for almost every question.

What to use ChatGPT for as a company?

We are often asked about potential uses of ChatGPT in the enterprise. In summary, we see the following areas:

  • Generating all kinds of content (e.g. blogposts, social media content, newspaper articles etc. also on specific topics).
  • Inspiration (e.g. table of content for a book, source code debugging, summaries of topics, speeches…).
  • Helpers (e.g. there are videos where ChatGPT can format an unformatted text in MS Word)

OpenAI or ChatGPT can also be fine-tuned and thus adapted to one’s own application scenarios. It is understandable why Google is now suddenly bringing back former employees who once worked on this topic or Microsoft invested billions of dollars here!

ChatGPT example

It’s not about the tool like ChatGPT – it’s all about the use cases!

When it comes to the use of artificial intelligence in corporates, we think too much attention is paid to the technology itself. What really matters is the use case or purpose. Even the best technology doesn’t help solve problems or generate value.

Every sales organization out there will try to position their own tool in the best possible way – real-world use cases and experience with them are much more crucial. Since ChatGPT will no longer be open to everyone and there is currently a tendency towards commercial use, they will have a decisive advantage in selling their own solution. Unimaginable investment as proof of what your own solution can do. One of the biggest sales hacks of the current millennium?

First of all, every company has to deal with its own use cases. This is where many organizations already fail, because they have no idea where they can generate a representative benefit with a healthy effort.

Often for us, for example, it is a matter of understanding which activities in the company have to be done manually on a frequently recurring basis. The data is usually already available in other systems – you just don’t use it in conjunction with technologies. This in turn has to do with the fact that data is the most sacred asset of any company.  

Ideas wanted?

As a consultancy with a lot of experience in this field, we need one thing first and foremost – an initial joint exchange to discuss customer-specific application options. The technology usually results from exactly this basis. If you need a sparring partner, we are always available with our team.

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