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Leafworks Team Kart-bahn

On the first weekend in December, it was time for the leaf workers to pack their bags again. We met in a smaller group for a 2G+ Christmas party in the capital. After our fun team event in October, it was important to all of us to see each other again in person and to celebrate the end of a very successful year together. A summary of the events and a few pictures can be found in the following article:

Day 1: Thursday – Berlin, Berlin, we’re going to Berlin!

Thursday was the day of arrival. By car, by train, by plane, we set off in the direction of Berlin. Destination ‘Hotel Berlin, Berlin‘ near the Kurfürstendamm. Those who arrived a little earlier met in the hotel’s rented conference room for a first working session. Of course with enough time for coffee talks and socializing. When you haven’t seen each other in some months there must be a little time to exchange :).

Next on the agenda was dinner at the ‘Inizio’. Those who like Italian cuisine will get their money’s worth here. It didn’t feel like it was only the second (or for some the first) time that we met in person. It felt more like a private Christmas party with good friends. Once again there was a lot of joking, laughing and one or the other Italian herbal schnapps contributed to the atmosphere.

For those who were still fit enough after the rich meal and the hardships of the journey, the next and last destination of the day was the ‘Monkey Bar‘. A few more drinks with a view of the ‘Gedächtniskirche’ and the ‘Berlin Tiergarten’ rounded off the first evening.

Day 2: Freitag – (Felt) Whiplash à la Kart

Friday started at the hotel’s breakfast buffet. A large selection, including a Berlin breakfast currywurst, was supposed to give us energy for what was to come. But first, a coworking session in the conference room was on the agenda before the surprise program of the weekend. Of course, we were all excited and tried to find out where it was going. But no chance. We had no idea until the very end.

The taxis arrived and drove off into the unknown. After 20 minutes we arrived at our destination: MOBIKART Fun Racing. I’m not gonna lie: The feeling was a mixture of childish anticipation and respect, especially for those who have never been kart racing before. But you gotta do what you gotta do. Safety briefing, helmets on, on the track and familiarizing yourself with the racing equipment. It quickly became clear who was not sitting in a kart for the first time and had ambitions to finish at the top in the later race. However, everyone’s ambition was triggered and we all tried to get faster every lap. After the qualifying, the time had come and the race started.

For 20 minutes tough duels, some bumps and spins demanded everything from us: Felt whiplash, aching ribs and sore muscles included. It was worth it though. It was great fun. Then the winners were announced. And as it should be for real executives, our managing directors Robert and Georg came in first and second :).

After the very successful surprise event, we went back to the hotel. Those who still had energy used the time until dinner for a short stroll through the city and a mulled wine at the Christmas market on Breitscheidplatz. For the culinary conclusion of our Berlin experience, we then went for a Greek meal at the ‘Asteria Prenzlauer Berg‘. Over gyros, grilled fish and a few ouzo, previously acquired karting expertise was exchanged, mistakes were analyzed and the next company event was already being planned in our minds. Hopefully it won’t take too long until then! :). Those who still hadn’t had enough after this program then went on to the ‘Crack Bellmer‘ on the RAW grounds in Berlin-Friedrichshain to let the last evening with the colleagues come to a fitting end.

Day 3: Saturday – Bye Bye Berlin!

After breakfast on Saturday, it was once again time to say goodbye. It was an absolute pleasure, with lots of funny memories and photos. We are sure that it shouldn’t take long until our next personal meeting.

Until next time and many thanks to all the “Leafworkers” who were there and especially to the organizers!

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