Zendesk Consulting and Support


Are you already using Zendesk or are you planning to integrate individual products of the Zendesk Suite? We consult you on the possibilities and application scenarios depending on your use case.


Whether train-the-trainer approaches, or training your agents - we would be happy to design an individual Zendesk training together with you.



We implement your wishes and requirements within Zendesk. No matter if automations, custom apps, integrations to CRM/ERP/telephony.


Want to roll out Zendesk within your organization (to more countries, for example)?

Omni-Channel Solution

The time when every support channel was served by its own software is a thing of the past. The channels are becoming more diverse - the customer wants to be supported where he likes it best. To do justice to this, the solution used must combine the individual channels.

Self Service

The presentation of frequently asked questions (FAQs) offers the possibility to increase the customer experience. Communities for the exchange of your customers also helps you to professionalize the customer service.

Support Portals

The trend is moving away from a simple e-mail address or telephone number to a support portal on the company's own website. The portal offers customers a central point of contact for their questions.


Which products does a customer use? How long has he been a customer? Such questions can be answered by connecting external systems such as CRM or ERP and increase the efficiency of customer service solutions.

Reporting & Analytics

Have you always wanted to know which product lines have the highest support needs? When can you expect an increased support volume? These and other support metrics can be evaluated directly in a customer service solution, without having to laboriously create Excel sheets.

Customer Satisfaction

Integrate customer satisfaction queries (e.g., NPS) directly into your support process. Machine learning methods can even predict whether a customer will be satisfied with the support or not.

Leafworks is a Zendesk Master Partner

As Zendesk Premium Partner, we implement projects in the customer service environment. We take over the complete adaptation to the internal CI / CD, automation within Zendesk, custom apps and integrations of your backend systems. 
Leafworks Zendesk Partner

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