Zendesk AddOn API (Middleware)


You already use Zendesk or plan to do so in the future? Sometimes it is necessary to enhance the product with external services using the Zendesk API. We don't want our customers to develop or host their extensions themselves.


Our AddOn-API is a monthly subscription. The payment is based on usage. Contact us to learn more and get a quote. We offer a free trial for our customers.



Our AddOn-API will be enhanced with additional use-cases continuously. Please see our already supported use-cases in the use-case section.


Setting up standard use-cases usually does not take longer than 30 minutes. We set it up together with you in your Zendesk installation.


AddOns API - Use Cases

The Zendesk parser enables Zendesk to parse content i.e. from the Ticket subject and description. This could be for example:

  • OrderIDs
  • ContractIDs
  • Article numbers
  • Customer-numbers
  • date values within the ticket body

The extracted content will be written back into Zendesk ticket fields (i.e. custom fields). An optional setting enables you to add a Ticket-tag when the parsing was successful (i.e. orderID-parsed). This enables routing-options for Zendesk triggers when an Ticket is related to an OrderID.

Processing ticket content with NLP is a great chance to enhance your Zendesk tickets automatically. Check for the mood of a customer and prioritize based on this. Learn how a ticket should be categorized based on other tickets in your system.

Through machine learning algorithms it is possible to categorize tickets based on ticket content.

Standard procedure:

  • Learning: get a set of tickets which are categorized properly already (i.e. 500x Order questions, 500x Invoice questions, …)
  • Activate process (topic suggester) for new tickets
  • New ticket will contain the suggested topic
  • A agent can update the topic manually
  • The Suggester takes this information to learn based on agent updates

The suggester can also be activated without the training process. The training will take place within daily business.

Some services forward emails in eml-format to your Zendesk. We extract the content of those files (body, headers) and update your ticket with proper data.

Many customers still get a lot of PDFs as attachment. This can be readable PDFs (created by systems) or unreadable PDFs (Scan, Fax).

The helpdeskAPI can:

  • parse the PDF
  • do an OCR for unreadble PDFs
  • store the PDF-content (i.e. first page) as internal ticket comment 

Some customers have the need to parse XML-files that get send via E-Mail to Zendesk. The middleware can parse the XML-content and store the provided values within the attachment in custom Zendesk fields. This reduces effort for the agent (open XML, view, copy&paste information)

You want to route/group/segment your tickets inside Zendesk based on customer-data in external systems like CRM, ERP or e-commerce? Our AddOns API is capable of doing that.

Typical use case: Parse the orderID from the Email, use the orderID to get the orderSize from the Backend (i.e. Shopware, Shopify) and route/priorize based on basket size.

The execution of complex calculations can also be performed using the middleware.

If you want to store call recordings in another location then in the Zendesk comment, you can use our Service for storing the Recording (MP3-file) in a different location like i.e.

  • Dropbox
  • Google Drive
  • Amazon S3

We’ve put effort into a telphony middleware to make the effort the lowest possible on phone-system side. 

The helpdeskAPI communicates with a own Zendesk Custom App in the Header bar. A call event (call notify) needs to be send to the middleware (json Post or URL parameters). Thats all to integrate your phone system with Zendesk. 

Some features:

  • Two ticket-creation modes (manual creation by agent or automatic creation for every call)
  • Agent-handover (i.e. 1st level to 2nd level for the same ticket)
  • Storing origin of call in ticket
  • use either agent-email or custom user field to identify the agent who accepts the call
  • store additional call-flow metadata like IVR-option within the ticket

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We use Zendesk to realize customer service projects. We undertake the customizing, automations, triggers, custom-app development and the integrations into backend systems. 

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